Digital and print art director and graphic designer who conceptualizes and produces key art and key art-level artwork for social media, mobile apps, connected devices and print advertising. I have fifteen-years of entertainment design and art direction experience and I have worked for some of the largest film studios and agencies in Los Angeles. I am a roll-up-his-sleeves kind of guy who likes to work in the trenches where I am able to explore current design trends and actually create the artwork for various entertainment related campaigns. I am an expert when it comes to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with a thorough knowledge of both the digital and print arenas best practices. I can lead creative, mentor younger designers and create artwork for multifaceted campaigns across several platforms. 
To reach me, please call me at (323) 821-7887 or you can send me an email at josephrey@josephrey.us.
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